Winter IS coming!

Although it’s hot now, EnergyCare will soon be switching gears to help people during the coming fall and winter cold.


Throughout winter 2019-20, EnergyCare plans to accomplish the following goals: assist 400 households, weatherize 200 homes (with staff and volunteers), distribute 100 Weatherization kits, distribute electric heaters and blankets to 200 households, organize 35 furnace repairs, and provide in-home counseling to 400 households. In total, an estimated 760 vulnerable people will benefit from EnergyCare services.


These services have been fine tuned over the past 36 years utilizing industry best practices, up-to-date research, and EnergyCare’s hands-on experience of providing services in the local community. Clients receive aide based on need and our ability to reduce the client’s risk of hypothermia.

Home weatherization – Our core efforts address some of the more prevalent causes of heat loss and drafts in clients’ homes. We specialize in installing transparent 4-mil vinyl sheeting over windows and adding door sweeps and weather-strips to seal holes and gaps in doorways.


Survival goods – EnergyCare keeps an ample supply of durable blankets, electric blankets, and small electric heaters with smoke detectors to provide immediate warmth and safety within the home.


Utility pledge – Through direct assistance grants, we are able to make payments directly to utility companies. EnergyCare helps the client negotiate a payment plan with the utility company.


Furnace repair – Minor repairs are made for clients who own their own homes but would otherwise be unable to afford the repair.


Counseling and education – During home visits or over the phone, clients are provided with effective strategies to stay safely warm. These efforts ensure a maximum impact per donation dollar.

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteers can help with weatherization of our client homes, preparation of Weatherization kits and direct mailer and lead Weatherization groups. 


Start Donating

We install home weatherization materials, setup portable heaters and electric blankets, or simply give out standard blankets for immediate warmth. For the heat we install window air conditioners.