Who we help


Pearlie is 64 and because of lung disease is on oxygen 24/7.

We focus our services at those most at risk and least able to help themselves. The high risk groups that make up our target population include:

  • Older adults (people aged 60+)
  • People living with chronic illnesses
  • People living with disabilities
  • Families with children under 5 years old

In addition to these risk factors, EnergyCare’s clients also face a wide range severe economic challenges. The average client lives on just 66% of the Federal Poverty Line – for a person living alone that is less that $150 per week for everything they need to live.

Paula is one of the people who received help during the summer of 2013

Paula is one of the very low-income people who received help during the summer of 2013

  • 55% rely on food banks
  • 37% can’t afford to fill their prescriptions
  • 61% are struggling with their housing costs

Beyond their immediate economic concerns, the people EnergyCare serves face a wide range of health and social issues that make them particularly vulnerable.

  • 84% are chronically ill and/or disabled
  • 28% have previously been homeless
  • 5% are veterans
  • 52% are mobility impaired
  • 18% are home-bound