Weatherization FAQs

Why weatherize? Good question! Weatherizing improves the insulation on a home, allowing the person who lives there to stay warmer while potentially using less energy. This is really important because the people this service helps are low-income families with people who are at real risk from the cold.

What does the weatherization involve? EnergyCare’s volunteer weatherization service involves simple activities that address some of the most common causes of drafts around doors and windows. We put 4mm vinyl over windows, weatherstrip around external door-frames and fix door strips to external doors.

Who can volunteer? Virtually anyone! It is very simple and no prior experience in necessary. We regularly host groups from:

  • Churches
  • Colleges (including fraternities/sororities)
  • Businesses
  • High schools (students 14 and older)
  • Clubs

When can we do it? EnergyCare hosts groups during the fall and winter (October through February). Traditionally most groups do Saturday mornings, however we are very flexible and happy to work around your needs!

Where does the activity happen? Groups meet at EnergyCare’s offices (at 2758 Wyoming St.) for training. Following the training we head out to the client’s home.

How long does it take? Half a day – a morning or an afternoon.

How many people can we bring? Weatherization groups can number anywhere from 6 to 60 people. Generally groups larger than 10 split up to do multiple homes.

What should we wear? Weatherizing is not a messy activity, however we advise that you wear the sort of comfortable clothes that you might wear to clean out the basement or do yard work.

Is EnergyCare flexible about arrangements? Yes!! If your group has specific needs we are happy to try to accommodate them. Give us a call and tell us what you need!

How do we sign up or get more information? Call James Owen on (314) 773-5968 x 23 or email [email protected]