The Solution

EnergyCare has a 30 year history of providing practical services that enable at-risk people to stay safely warm/cool in their own homes.

Some people are more vulnerable than others, so EnergyCare focuses our services on those most at risk: people who are elderly, chronically ill, disabled, or under 5 years old. Our dedicated team visits people in need in their own homes to make sure that help is accessible to those who need it most.

In the winter EnergyCare…

  • Provides electric blankets, blankets and electric heaters to families without heat in their homes
  • Weatherizes homes to block out drafts and lock in warm air – reducing energy use and keeping the home warmer
  • Arranges emergency furnace repairs for senior home owners

In the summer EnergyCare…

  • Provides new or lightly used one room (~5,000 BTU) air conditioners to vulnerable people who don’t have any cooling in their homes
  • Services people’s existing window air conditioning units

All year round EnergyCare…

  • Carries out home repairs that improve the insulation of vulnerable clients’ homes
  • Provides emergency utility assistance payments that keep the heat/cooling on
  • Offers information, advice and referrals to people calling our telephone helpline

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