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michael willis

Michael Willis stood in a bedroom of the North City home he shares with his 84-year-old mother, basking in the cold air of a window air conditioner that was just installed by EnergyCare executive director, Tim O’Dea and Jonathan Steinke. “It was smokin’ hot yesterday,” Willis, 65 said of July 21, when the temperature reached 93 degrees plus humidity. “It feels so good, yes sir.” 


Willis and his mother, Marian Palmer, had been without air conditioning for more than a year. This month, they received new window units in both their bedrooms. Willis and Palmer both have kidney disease and receive dialysis treatments. The house had central air, but it quit working. Palmer used window units until they broke as well. Willis moved in earlier this year after his wife died. He said they didn’t have funds to replace the units.


EnergyCare was able to help them and many other people like them because of generous support from the Senior Fund in the City, First Bank, and EnergyCare donors like you. These units are installed free of charge to people like Michael and his mother who have no other options.

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