EnergyCare’s New Solutions
to Aging in Place

After 37 years, EnergyCare knows that a lot of people live in drafty old homes where much of the heating and cooling goes out the window. A new component to EnergyCare’s strategy for helping low-income families in the city focuses measuring the problem through free home energy audits. The EnergyCare Energy Audit program will provide 25 homes the following services: conduct an energy audit to gather data and prioritize fixes, install compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, install low-flow faucet aerators in kitchen and bathroom, install low-flow shower head, install Energy Star qualified programmable thermostat, caulk around doors and windows, install weather stripping and window coverings, and caulk around plumbing penetrations, windows and exterior and interior door frames.


EnergyCare is partnering with the EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden. The EarthWays Center has the background, experience and capacity to provide Initial Home Energy Score Assessments for EnergyCare in this project.

The Home Energy Score Report estimates home energy use, associated costs, and provides energy solutions to cost-effectively improve the home’s efficiency. These assessments will identify the range of energy and air quality issues in the home as well as help with selecting effective and affordable solutions.


The idea here is to use a more systematic way to improve energy efficiency for EnergyCare clients so that they spend less on utilities. As this project develops, we can figure out ways to leverage new incentives and subsidies from Ameren and Spire to repair and/or replace worn out furnaces and A/C units in a way that’s affordable for the home owners.

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Volunteers can help with weatherization of our client homes, preparation of Weatherization kits and direct mailer and lead Weatherization groups. 


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We install home weatherization materials, setup portable heaters and electric blankets, or simply give out standard blankets for immediate warmth. For the heat we install window air conditioners.