EnergyCare Profiles: Ms. Deshay

ms deshay

Ms. Deshay’s story starts with the early demise of her single mother. “I came back to St. Louis in 1987, after many years feeling like an orphan person, since my mother died when I was a young teen, I had to live with family. Chicago to Texas to Colorado, I have been dealt a rough hand, I’ve been homeless, I have had a lot of illnesses.” Ms. Deshay is on disability for an inherited bone disintegrating blood condition called vascular cirrhosis. She has had her hips replaced and recently her knee.


Ms. Deshay explained the situation when EnergyCare intervened with hope, “It was the in the heart winter, it was real, real cold. I had a decision to either pay my rent and have lights or have gas. So, I had no gas. I am going to get so emotional.”


Circling back, “Other agencies would help but there was always a wait. You have to wait weeks before you can get your lights or heat back on. With EnergyCare I have never had that, they are so prompt and so committed and so helpful. At the time I was on a waiting list for another agency, when they get to your name, they pay such a minimum amount that by next month you back in the same predicament, you’re back again getting ready to get your stuff turned off again.


But when Jana and them came, they weatherized my house, they brought me heaters, and they brought me blankets. And they paid off my entire gas bill.”

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