EnergyCare Profiles: John and Lola


We are all experiencing the sweltering days of summer here in St. Louis, and our community is now facing historic challenges. Compounded by the effects of COVID-19, EnergyCare clients are in greater need for relief from the heat now more than ever. Here are two stories of John and Lola and their experiences with EnergyCare.


Both have had to persevere during the relentless heat of summer amidst the looming dangers of the Coronavirus. John was so excited when our staff arrived to install an AC in his hot apartment in June.


Being in his 70’s with a bad back and other health problems makes it difficult for John to get around. Living on the second floor of his sweltering north side apartment is tough. He said that EnergyCare was responsive and friendly from the start.


“We are so grateful for EnergyCare. They were there for us. They truly care about people,” said John.


After suffering a stroke and slowly going blind, Lola was in desperate need of an AC unit. The 83 year old Lola was so thankful for the two AC units EnergyCare staff installed in her kitchen and front room.


She said that EnergyCare met her needs and provided such friendly service. In fact, Lola’s new AC was the 100th AC unit of the 2020 summer! “I am so grateful for EnergyCare because they were so kind and truly cared for my well-being and safety. It was such a blessing,” said Lola. We want to thank you and all of our supporters. Without you we wouldn’t be able to provide these life-saving services!

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