Covid-19 Deadly Effects
on Age, Gender, & Race

COVID-19 has placed a high- intensity spotlight on the deleterious effects of deep-seated ageism, sexism and racism on older Americans, suggests a new paper from Washington University. “While the virus leads to worse health outcomes for older people, the pandemic presents a number of challenges to older adults beyond dealing with the virus itself,” said Nancy Morrow-Howell.


Those challenges include lasting economic setbacks, health and well-being effects and highlighted ageism, racism and classism.


Morrow-Howell co-wrote a paper recently that noted, “Older African- Americans, with higher rates of morbidity and less access to health care going into this crisis are dying at higher rates when they contract the illness (Evelyn, 2020).”

The majority of EnergyCare’s clients are women (65%), most are African American (60%), and most are living in poverty. They represent some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. Most EnergyCare’s clients live in north St. Louis and parts of south St. Louis; however, a growing number of EnergyCare’s clients live in the inner ring suburbs of St. Louis County.


The strategies EnergyCare employs in the summer and winter are very straight forward, practical and cost- effective that are both immediate and long-term solutions for the health and healing of the adversely affected communities in St. Louis.

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