The Impact

Year after year EnergyCare’s services have demonstrated their effectiveness – warming homes, preventing heat deaths and reducing bills.

At EnergyCare we believe that it is important to evaluate our services and ensure that they are effective. This helps us understand and meet clients’ needs, while also ensuring that we can report back to our donors on the impact their contributions achieved. Our most recent client survey data shows that:

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Making a difference for Mary

Each year hundreds of people are kept safe from the summer heat and winter cold by EnergyCare. Mary’s story is just one of many, but it helps to illustrate the real impact of what EnergyCare does.

2014-01-30 Mary Henderson 03 copy

Mary is 67 and suffers from thyroid problems and osteoarthritis – conditions that make her very vulnerable to the cold.

When her furnace broke down Mary couldn’t afford to have it fixed.

“If I’d stayed here I would’ve froze to death; I’m human just like everyone else.”

EnergyCare’s services team brought her an electric heater and blankets while we arranged for her furnace to be repaired. It made a huge difference for Mary who said,

“God is good – I sure appreciate you all!”

Feedback from the people we serve

The following are some comments made by the people we serve about the impact of EnergyCare’s services:

The house is much warmer since you weatherized.

– Bonnie

It was the difference between freezing to death and not.

– Barry

My gas bill went down tremendously.

– Deborah

It saved me, trust me. I was about to pass out. This air conditioner saved my life.

– Lolita

I wouldn’t have been able to stay in my own home [without this air conditioner]

– Daniel