TerraLock is an EnergyCare Social Enterprise Start-Up with a mission of making EnergyCare sustainable and alleviating energy poverty across St. Louis. TerraLock is a new type of data center which is environmentally sustainable, immune to natural disasters, and up to 40% more profitable.

Whether you are watching Netflix, Facetiming a loved one, paying your bills online, or even using Ameren’s power grid; all of our essential services are dependent on acres and acres of computers linked together by an enormous web of light-speed cabling that keeps “The Cloud” flowing like a river. Each collection of these computers, known as servers, is called a Data Center.

Data Centers are a critical industry vulnerable to an even greater threat than COVID-19 and the threat is a solar flare event. In addition, we have the Climate Crisis of which data centers represent 3.2% of the global carbon footprint. Together with the help of Wash-U, the NGA, and the new Geosaurus Innovation Resource Center, TerraLock aims to compete in the Hyperscale Colocation Market.