TerraLock is an EnergyCare Social Enterprise Start-Up with a mission of making EnergyCare self-sufficient and ending energy poverty across St. Louis. A critical industry that is currently vulnerable to an even greater threat than CO-VID 19 is hyperscale data centers and the threat is a solar flare event. In addition, we have the Climate Crisis of which data centers represent 3.2% of the global carbon footprint.

TerraLock is a new type of data center which is environmentally sustainable, immune to natural disaster, and 40% more profitable. Together with the help of Wash-U, the NGA, and the new Geosaurus Innovation Resource Center, TerraLock aims to one day compete in the Hyperscale Colocation Market. If you would like to learn more, please email me at michael@energycare.org 


Data Centers Belong In The Ground


Most common push-back question from those who are accustomed to how data-centers are currently built and utilized.

Q: Wouldn't be easier to move the coolant from the ground to the heat-source and keep conventional data center design the way it is?

A1: Yes it would be easier, but it wouldn't be as efficient of a heat exchanger. The TerraLock server chain inside the cooling borehole almost completely fills the cavity and any airspace is replaced with dielectric fluid and grease. More efficient is more sustainable.

A2: Long term cost saving happens with deep vertical data centers, because they require no lighting, no security personnel, and operations can be completely automated. When a server is down or old, that specific link in the chain is positioned to the surface ready for swap out through an automated mechanical process.