Pitch Deck 2.12.20

Data Centers Belong In The Ground


Most common push-back question from those who are accustomed to how data-centers are currently built and utilized.

Q: Wouldn't be easier to move the coolant from the ground to the heat-source and keep conventional data center design the way it is?

A1: Yes it would be easier, but it wouldn't be as efficient of a heat exchanger. The TerraLock server chain inside the cooling borehole almost completely fills the cavity and any airspace is replaced with dielectric fluid and grease. More efficient is more sustainable.

A2: Long term cost saving happens with deep vertical data centers, because they require no lighting, no security personnel, and operations can be completely automated. When a server is down or old, that specific link in the chain is positioned to the surface ready for swap out through an automated mechanical process.

A3: You would be eliminating the social purpose by filling the building space with servers and not supported affordable housing residents. As proud advocates of Social Enterprise business models, EnergyCare believes that the primary purpose of any innovation should be the empowerment of humans first and maximizing shareholder value second. Those who think social enterprise can't outperform conventional corporate models are part of the short-term thinking societal problem. We believe that in fact; when you put your customer and their local community's social needs first you can build an even more robust long-term sustainable value for shareholders than ever before.