Nellie – Our Client of the Week!

Last Friday on Facebook we introduced you to Nellie. We wanted to share a bit more here on our blog.

Nellie has owned her Berkeley home for 24 years. She spent 10 of those years caring for her mother, who suffered from dementia, until her passing two years ago. Nellie said while she was busy care-taking, she was neglecting herself, and forgetting to take her own medication. This lack of self-care, combined with the stress of grief after her mother’s death, put Nellie in the hospital for a heart arrhythmia.

The bedrooms that Nellie and her mother stayed in were in a part of the house that was terribly cold, with drafty windows. Nellie used glue guns and caulk to try to stop cold air from getting in, while using space heaters to warm up the space. “My bills is always sky high” she says, which makes life difficult since her only income is social security. “Lots of things I have, I got when I was working, or my mom was alive, but now I’m down to one income.”

This combination of family issues, health problems, a fixed income, and windows that were in need of replacement has made life difficult for Nellie. With another harsh St. Louis winter on the way, things were not looking good.

Thanks to the generosity of the Lutheran Foundation, EnergyCare was able to help Nellie in a very meaningful way. By replacing the old, drafty windows in her bedrooms with new, thermal windows, Nellie’s home will now be significantly warmer, and safer. When our development staff visited her in mid-October, she said that usually by the end of September she has covered all her windows in plastic in preparation for the cold, but hadn’t done it and didn’t expect to. She is looking forward to a warmer, cozier winter this year, thanks to her new windows. “I’m a cold natured person; I like the house toasty.”

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