Underground data centers located within blighted urban communities could drastically improve data center and crypto mining profitability while boosting efforts for revitalization of the area.

Vacant Properties Map

Vacant, abandoned, and blighted properties have been a serious challenge for St. Louis dating back decades. Since our peak population in 1950, the City has suffered a steep population decline of over 60 percent, leaving vast stretches of vacant buildings and lots where homes and businesses once thrived.

In 1971, to combat the increasing challenge of abandoned properties, the City of St. Louis established the first landbank in the United States, the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA). LRA is a City agency with the mission of receiving and holding vacant and abandoned tax-foreclosed properties until new private owners can purchase the properties and return them to productive use.

Of the 129,000 total properties in the City of St. Louis, approximately 25,000 are considered vacant and abandoned. The majority of vacant properties in the City — 13,200 — are privately owned. The LRA owns nearly 11,500 properties — 3,400 vacant buildings, and 8,100 vacant lots. A combination of overgrown vacant lots and empty crumbling buildings, these 25,000 vacant properties blight our neighborhoods, decrease the values of nearby occupied properties, and pose serious health and public safety risks for our friends, families, and children. Vacant and abandoned properties also strain City resources. Nothing good happens in a vacant building.

The best Data-Centers and Crypto Mining Facilities today use too much expensive land and dirty grid-power to house and cool their electronic hardware. Underground cooling techniques utilizes the earth to cool electronic hardware which drastically saves on land and cooling costs. Data-Center and Crypto Mining operators are unsatisfied with losing profits to current obsolete facility design and cooling technology. Building data centers within unwanted properties and then building affordable housing above the heat generating and money printing businesses could be the beginning of a renaissance of nonprofits making a real difference by investing in profitable ventures that also revitalize the north side of Saint Louis.

Below is our CAD rendering demo video showing our patent pending data center and server module design in detail. Below that are some patent drawings. In summation; our moon shot is to generate lots of money and heat with data centers and crypto mining facilities to revitalize North Saint Louis and help lift EnergyCare clients out of the vicious cycle of poverty.