Statement of Mission

EnergyCare promotes healthier, safer home environments and independent living by providing year-round energy-related services in St. Louis communities for low-income households with persons who are elderly, disabled, or chronically ill, and young children.

Statement of Vision

Our vision is that EnergyCare will:

  • Continually strive to meet energy-related needs of the community it serves
  • Empower clients through education
  • Advocate for client’s needs
  • Draw attention to the energy-related needs of the people we serve
  • Improve our clients’ quality of life by promoting efficient use of energy in the home
  • Promote human dignity through personal interaction with the people we serve
  • Provide services that are a model of collaboration.

Statement of Values

We believe that EnergyCare values:

  • All people as responsible human beings
  • Our clients’ desire for self-determination and independence
  • Social responsibility, financial accountability and good stewardship
  • Interpersonal relationships with all stakeholders
  • Conservation of natural resources