The Angels in Action Society

The Angels in Action Society is a group of EnergyCare’s most generous donors. By making annual gifts of $250 or more they provide the backbone of support for the services we provide.

It is safe to say that without the Angels in Action EnergyCare might not be here today, and that their contributions have kept thousands of vulnerable St. Louisans safe from the heat of summer and cold of winter.

In 2015 the EnergyCare’s Board is renewing our commitment to showing our deep appreciation for the achievements of the Angels in Action.  At the heart of this effort is our desire to ensure that every Angel in Action knows of the transformative impact that they are making in the lives of some of our most vulnerable, low-income neighbors.

To this end we will be holding a number of exclusive events to thank the Angels in Action, provide more detailed information about how their donations impact the community, and answer their questions about this mission. Within the Angels in Action Society there are also now three new ‘circles’ to help us recognize those donors who go even further to support EnergyCare’s mission:

  • Sister Pat Circle – those donors who have made contributions of $5,000 or more during the year
  • President’s Circle – those who have given $1,000 or more
  • Chairman’s Circle – those who have given $500 or more
  • Angels in Action – those who have given $250 or more

As in the past, the Angels in Action will be listed on EnergyCare’s website and in the spring and fall editions of The Connection (EnergyCare’s newsletter), as will memberships of these three circles. As always, anybody who prefers not to be listed should simply contact the Development Team and let us know.

The History Behind the Angels in Action

The Angels in Action were founded after the St. Louis Post Dispatch ran an article in 1999 with the headline,


When the team read the article they really liked the idea that the people keeping Sr. Pat’s legacy alive — the people supporting EnergyCare — were like ‘angels in action’. That year the Angels in Action were founded as a group of the most supportive donors.

2015 Angels in Action

Sr. Pat Circle: Hugh & Ann Bergman, Rosemary Hoehn, Keith & Cheryl Kowalczyk.

President’s Circle: Edmund C. Albrecht Jr, Susan Barrett, Mr. & Mrs. Irl Engelhardt, Mary Louise Ernst, Mary Ferguson, Aldo  Guidi, David & Roberta Imig, Nancy Kalishman, Carol King Peck, Joanna May, Lawrence & Susan Nordmann, Thomas Rheinberger, John Sprague & Carol Kohfeld, Simon & Mary Tonkin, Carol Wells, Ken & Nancy Winkler.

Chairman’s Circle: Steve Baer, Robert Bartolowits, Frederic Brown III, Margaret Mary Clancy, Joann Collum, Lawrence & Sandra Cramberg, Francesca Di Rollo, Betty Jane Donahoe, Janice & Bill Forsyth, Alice Geary Sgroi, Sara Jean Glickert, Gerald & Mary Holschen, Sid & Julie Holthaus, Lynne Johnson, Stephanie Kardasz, Dennis Kelley, Rev. Donald Koch, Richard & Judith Laitman, Donald & Joyce Lamkin, Susan Lammert, John & Maryfrances Lang, Francine & Joseph Leritz, Dan & Bobbie Lodes, Janet McMahon, Bill & Kathy Molitor, Dr. Blanca Perez, Vincent & Margaret Proskey, Rosalynn & Bernard Purcell,  Laura Ray, Julie Reilly, Marjory & James Russell, Sally & Frank Sandy, Chris & Judith Shamel, Joan Slay, Mary & John Straub, Daryl & Janice Thake, Clarence Zacher.

Angels in Action: Brian Bateman, Carole Ann & Frederic Brown, Allen & Jean Burns, Carol Cahalin, Elizabeth Carver, Carole Warnhoff, Victor & Maureen Clever,  Judith & Anson Coverdell, Edward & Katie Cronin, Warren & Sharon Danziger, Ginger Denneen, Victoria Dillon, John & Sue Gates, Doris Gibbons, Kathleen Gund, Mary Ellen Harrison, Cathy Horneyer, Margie Imo, Robert & Andrea Jackson, Kevin & Kristina Jenkins, Susan Poirot  Kapetanovic, Kay Karras, M E. Kramer, Joyce & George Kraus, Martha Lanese, Michael Lowell, Stephen & Margaret Mager, Barbara Malchow, Virgil Malmberg, Gregory McCray, Mary McManus, James & Elaine Miller, Mary Lou Mullen, Margaret Murphy, Mary Naeher, John & Sheryl O’Shaughnessy, Jeanne & Dave Puettmann, John & Olivia Rasp, Edward & Carol Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ritter, William Rogers, Sr.  Louise  Roseman, Steven & Jacqueline Rouff, Krista Santucci, Vicki Sauter, Judith & Daniel Schnitzmeier, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip  Schorr, Chris Yaros, Jeanette Seamon, Gregory & Kathleen Sicard, Norman & Meida Steele, Joan Stepzinski, Suzanne & Daniel Struemph, Michael Thomas, Virginia Uhlmansiek, Barbara Valdes, Judith Willard, Jean Wilmering, Marilyn Woebeking.