Annual Report

EC LogoEnergyCare’s annual report is released following our annual audit. This means that our most recent annual report is from 2013. The 2014 Annual Report will be posted as soon as it is available.

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2013 Annual Report

Mission, History, Services

EnergyCare promotes healthier, safer home environments and independent living by providing year round energy-related services in St. Louis communities for low-income households with persons who are elderly, disabled, or chronically ill, and young children.

In the wake of a deadly heat wave in summer of 1980 and a devastating blizzard in 1982, Sister Patricia Ann Kelley founded EnergyCare in 1983 to provide protection from the deadly hazards of extreme cold and heat for the elderly, disabled and needy. Sr. Pat initiated projects that warmed, cooled and educated the low-income people most at risk of illness, hospitalization or death.

When people in need call EnergyCare’s year-round telephone helpline, Service Providers counsel them about surviving their energy-related crises. They furnish information about heating and cooling bill assistance programs, and, most importantly, they also identify vulnerable people who need immediate help.

For those most needing relief, Service Providers make home visits to assess the severity of need. They can then provide survival goods air conditioners, portable electric heaters, blankets and home weatherization kits to people without adequate home heating or cooling. EnergyCare can also arrange minor furnace repair for low-income older adult homeowners. In addition, Service Providers instruct people in the practice of energy conservation, furnace safety, and fire prevention so that they can avoid further problems.

Since its founding, EnergyCare has successfully addressed the energy-related plight of thousands of low income people.

EnergyCare is a private, independent, nonprofit organization and is supported through the generosity of many individuals, foundations, corporate, civic and religious organizations. In addition to cash contributions, EnergyCare accepts donations of clean, warm blankets and new or used (but working) 110-volt air conditioners (8,000 BTU or less). The staff of EnergyCare also warmly welcomes volunteers to assist in bringing our message and weatherization services to the people we serve.

EnergyCare is a 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated under the laws of Missouri; contributions to EnergyCare are tax deductible as allowed by law.

2013 Program Accomplishments

The 2013 Winter Warming Program assisted 1,116 people who received direct services in the form of energy assistance, weatherization, survival goods or furnace repair. The service providers conducted 495 home visits to assess needs and to deliver services.

The homes of 100 high risk people were weatherized by EnergyCare staff and volunteers to keep the residents safely warm, to conserve energy and control home heating costs. Additionally, 109 able bodied families received Ado-it-yourself weatherization kits.

Blankets were distributed to 222 low-income families and 172 families received safe, portable electric heaters. Over 325 elderly and disabled home owners were referred to the Mechanical Contractors’ and Pipefitters’ Project Heat’s On for free fall furnace inspections. Twenty-seven broken furnaces were repaired for low-income elderly or disabled homeowners thru the EnergyCare Doris Zaring Furnace Repair Fund at a cost of over $6,000.

Over 11,951 families benefited from EnergyCare’s energy assistance information and referral help-line. EnergyCare also paid delinquent home heating and cooling bills to local energy vendors on behalf of 101 low-income older adults and families. The total amount of energy assistance pledges made by EnergyCare in 2013 was $30,733.

Dozens of churches, schools and businesses organized blanket collections accounting for 726 new and gently used blankets. Throughout 2013, 166 volunteers donated over 1,575 hours in a variety of activities, including the weatherization efforts cited above.

During the 2013 Summer Cooling Program, EnergyCare was able to provide direct services to over 758 persons via 382 home visits. Air conditioners were provided to 224 eligible families and a service call was provided for an additional 24 families. Eighty-four new and used air conditioners were donated to EnergyCare from individuals and businesses. These units were delivered to EnergyCare by the donors or picked up by staff or volunteers.

2013 EnergyCare Board of Directors

  • Dennis Kelley, President
  • Edward T. Cronin, Jr. Chairman
  • William Molitor, CPA, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Dan Lodes, Vice-Chair
  • Alicia K. Skroska, Board Member
  • Kevin L. Jenkins, Board Member
  • Brandi O’Kelley, Board Member

2013 EnergyCare Staff

  • Dennis Kelley, Executive Director
  • Jana M. Lakebrink, Service Provider
  • Ryan Moore, Service Provider
  • De’Shawn Buggs, Service Provider
  • James Owen, Assistant to the Exec Director
  • Justine Collum, Development Ass’t

2013 Financial Information

The EnergyCare Financial Statements were audited by the independent public accounting firm of Kerber, Eck & Braeckel, LLP, whose full report is available upon request.

Missouri Energycare, Inc.
Statement of Activities
Years ended December 31, 2012 and 2011 2013 2012
Support and Revenue:
Contributions $ 272,221 $263,826
Donated Goods and Services 17,773 13,202
Program Income 30,587 45,876
Investment Income 3,213 5,690
Other 1,197 <30>
Total Support and Revenue $324,991 $328,564
Program Services $263,810 $270,972
Supporting Services
Management & General 36,607 19,633
Fundraising 76,295 88,863
Total Expenses $376,712 $379,468
Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets $(51,721) $(50,904)
Net Assets on January 1 $241,059 $291,963
Net Assets on December 31 $189,338 $241,059