Wash-U 2020 Student Consultants:

We are so glad to see the newsletter!! And we are happy to include our American name. Yujun’s American name is Leedia, Yongqing’s American name is Kayla and Xueyue’s American name is Nicole. 

Our Wash-U Interns used our data to locate our clients!

Service providers have been out installing window air conditioners, finishing the week with 75 installs so far this summer! Please be patient as we catch up and return calls as quickly as we are able. Elderly and chronically ill St Louis residents can call 314-773-5900 if they are without air conditioning.

John was so excited when we scheduled him for an appointment to install an AC unit in his apartment this Friday morning. Being in his 70's with a bad back makes it more difficult to get around and being on the 2nd floor does not help when it is so warm. We're so happy to help him keep safe and cool in this 90 degree weather!

Effie welcomed us in to install an air conditioner in her small, hot apartment. At age 67 with lung cancer, she was having a tough time and was so happy to get more relief than she was with just her small fan. "I wanna jump up and shout! Thank you Jesus and EnergyCare." We are so happy to help Effie stay cool in her own home.

Pictured is service provider Jonathan installing our first AC of the summer! It's a bit later than normal start, but we wanted to insure proper measures are in place to keep our elderly and disabled clients, as well as our staff safe during this uncertain start to summer. Service providers are wearing masks inside homes and sanitizing between visits.

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EnergyCare Loves You

EnergyCare is the nonprofit organization in St. Louis that has been helping vulnerable, low-income people find safety from the extremes of temperature since 1983. Low-income seniors face impossible choices: pay for heating or buy food; fill prescriptions or use the air conditioner. These problems are especially acute for the families EnergyCare serves – the elderly, chronically ill, disabled, or a child under 5 – because they are most vulnerable to extremes of temperature.

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Summer 2019 Newsletter

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"To really help those in danger of the extremes of weather that we experience her in St. Louis, it takes many people in all walks of life but especially in Social Services and the helping professions, for they are the unsung and often unknown humanitarians, who go about the daily task of bringing warmth to homes and hearts frequently at great personal expense. "

Sister Patricia Kelly